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By Placing your order , you agree to stripclubcrawl's privacy notice and conditions of use .

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Package Description

Best deal on the market!
This package includes Transportation and Admission to 2 Strip Clubs of your choice.
Once you purchase the tickets your reservation will be assigned to a driver for pick-up.
20 minutes before pickup the drivers will contact you to describe his car.
The pick-up location and time its set by you in the reservation form.
In 1.5 hours after arrival to the first club of your choice, we will send another driver take you to the 2nd club.
There are no hidden fees... the price is per person and this will cover your transportation and entry.

- Valid only for groups of 2 guys or more!
- Must be at least 21 y/o
- Must have a valid government ID
- Must use transportation provided by us
- Must make the reservation at least 20 minutes in advance

Dress Code:
- No sweatpants
- No jerseys
- No tank tops
- No flip-flops/sandals
- No open toed shoes.
- No Basketball shorts.
- No plain white T-shirts

Must know!
There is a specific driver assigned for each reservation and by taking a random driver the deal will be voided without a refund.
If you cancelled your reservation, we allow you to reschedule for any other day.
Please do not take any other transportation! Avoid random limos, taxi, uber, lyft, etc
The clubs have limited seating and we do not guarantee table seating.
Gratuity for drivers not included in the booking fee.
There is no minimum drink requirement.
Transportation back to your hotel is not offered.

How it works?
1. The purchase can be completed online or over the phone
2. Once the purchase is made the reservation goes live and information is sent to the drivers.
3. First driver contacts the client with car description and ETA.
4. First driver takes the client to the strip club for NO Charge (tips are welcome).
5. Upon arrival the client is granted Free Cover entry without requirements to purchase drinks.
6. In approximately 120 minutes a different driver will contact the client in order to transport the group to the 2nd strip club.
7. The same flow of actions for the 2nd strip club